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Kristin Whitehead


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My Story

I just want to take a minute to introduce myself and share my Scentsy story. I am Kristin: mother of 5, military wife, and cancer survivor of 20 years. At the time that I met my husband I was a single mom of 4. I had worked for nearly 12 years at the usual 40+ hours/week while also trying to raise my kids alone and go to school. I never got to attend my children's awards ceremonies and was too tired and struggled too much financially to put them into sports and other extra-curricular activities nor could I take them on memorable vacations. When my oldest daughter was 10, I met the man who is now my husband. Though he works hard to make sure we have everything our family needs and allows me to stay home with our children, I wanted a way that I could pitch in financially. Thanks to Scentsy, I have been able to stay home with our younger son who is on the autism spectrum as well as be able to take my older children to sports practices and games. We can also afford to do things we enjoy as a family more often. Aside from all of those wonderful things, I can share amazing products that I love and use every single day.

Thank you for visiting my Scentsy site...when you order from me, you are helping me to support my family!!